Testimonials and Endorsements


Christi B., Utah, Re: ABRAHAM Mentorship Program
Marilyn is by far, my favorite coach that I have had the pleasure to work with. She has that perfect balance of heart, mind and soul-knowing exactly where to lead you for hope, healing and joy. She enjoys her work, appreciates her work and it shows in every session. No matter who you are, you are her top priority and will share her knowledge, kindness and intuition with you. I love this lady and what she does for our souls beyond words!

.Well Marilyn, know you are loved and cherished. THANK YOU from the bottom of my little soul.  You have made this new/next phase of my life so enjoyable, interesting and fun!  Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and what you do for people.

T.M.,New York, Re: ABRAHAM Mentorship Program
Reaching out regarding the Abraham Fun Mentorship program – I have been mentoring many, happily and successfully. Looking for mentorship for mySelf now. Wondering if we can meet…

Stacey E., GA, Re: ABRAHAM Mentorship Program
Thank you for helping me so much I am so blessed to have you!!

Meg R., Florida
Meg wrote: I’m so happy that our paths crossed. You have been so instrumental in my life….and I thank you.
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and getting to know and love Marilyn. Aside from a gifted teacher and astrologer, she is amazingly intuitive. I’ve you’re looking for an answer to where you are in your life or needing clarity on what’s next ..consider joining us in New Smyrna

Patty O. Illinois
I feel absolutely AWESOME!! I loved your radio show. I felt relaxed while listening to it.  Then I put in the Meditation 101 CD. I LOVED IT.  It is so hard to believe how relaxed I feel. I can’t remember feeling so chilled out, and I did not expect this at all with one meditation. Marilyn, you are so good at what you do and you are so dear to share it with me.  Bless you and thank you. Wow, I am sooooo relaxed.

Kris.K., Florida
Oh Marilyn: It is AMAZING how I feel!!!! I can walk away from a situation instead of letting it eat me up for hours upon hours.  I use my vocal chords more often.  I am 99% positive 99% of the time!!! Yes!!!
Work is going fabulous because of my attitude and well being! Thank you so very much.

Nancy P., Director of Research, Indiana
I am so grateful that I was guided to you and our ‘paths did cross’.  As they say, ‘when you’re ready to learn, your teacher will be presented to you’.  You have given me one of the greatest gifts….self-discovery.  By Divine love, I’ve had the courage to explore it.  Life is all about the journey and what we make of it.  I’m learning to embrace the grandeur of it all

Nancy S. Indiana
Hi Marilyn  —  Well, I did get your message before I left. Thank you for your insights. You are a true blessing. You’ll always be one of the most inspiring people in my life. You have perfect timing as to when to kick me in the pants and when to let me know that I’m OK.

Angela C. Attorney, Indiana
I have the deepest respect for your intuitive skills and transformational programs.  My corporation and its employees have improved our performance exponentially by utilizing your insights into the workings of body, mind and spirit as it relates to our everyday work world.    Your counsel is so very helpful in unraveling communication  land-mines and defusing unprofitable behaviors.   Thank you so much.

Judy T.H,  MSW, Resident Director, Domestic Violence Shelter, Indiana
    Hi Marilyn — I’ve always said you are the best counselor/therapist I know. So glad you are helping others and sharing what you know. You sure helped turn my life into the Light….  I know, I know, you don’t like for me to brag on you but facts are facts….
     However, I just wanted you to know. I was at a time in my life when I didn’t know where to turn. My belief system had been shattered. I knew there was something missing a deep  longing for God’s love and acceptance that I thought I didn’t have or didn’t deserve. Not good enough was the message.  A friend of mine told me about this group she was attending, a self awareness, a spiritual quest, something like that.

Your Eight-week series changed my life. How can I explain it… the feeling of love that flooded through me… the acceptance… the opening to understanding…learning to quite the “brat in my head” the negative messages that kept me a victim, always “wallowing in my wounds”.
    You explained the Chakra System and how we block it with our emotional addictions of love, hate, anger and false beliefs about ourselves, and others in our lives. And the meditations brought a “spiritual love” I had never felt before
Yes, I have to say in the beginning I was afraid…afraid of letting go of the old patterns that had ruled my life…walking down the same path and falling into the same hole, climbing out and doing it all over again.
    Marilyn, your series helped me realize I had a choice. I didn’t have to walk down that path at all. Yes, the change was gradual,not over-night,but a slow steady change of how I think about myself and others…how I respond to daily events in a positive way not with victim mentality.
     The Light of Love and Love of Light is in your work. A Spiritual Awakening.  It has truly changed my life.

D.B. Physical Therapist, Indiana
I want you to know that I appreciate the part you are playing in my life, though I can’t exactly put my finger on it, our sessions are enhancing my life…Thank you

Diane, Dir of Center for Listening & Learning, Florida
I feel great respect and affection for Marilyn and her  guides, as they have often helped me understand why events were happening in my life, why certain people were in my life, and how to help myself.

Julie S, Interior Design, Washington DC
WOW!!  I feel so privileged to have been working with you/been one of your students, for so many years, and have experienced/benefited from so much of what you offer.  I look forward to your CD and News Letter. Thanks, Marilyn!

Joan,  Re: “Awakening the Wise Woman Within” Workshop, Kentucky
I just want to share with everyone how wonderful it felt to be in that circle of women this weekend, in the loving embrace of the Hathor House.  Thank you for allowing me to share this sacred journey with you.  A special thank you to Marilyn for bringing such loving wisdom to our group.

Glenda, MSW, Clinical substance abuse therapist, Texas
I thank you for your continued care.  I am grateful for the reinforcement you provided.  I have faith in my practice as I see how it is working for me.  We live in a world where there is suffering all around us and the development of such a practice is a necessity if we are to alleviate suffering. Not only for others but within ourselves.  Thank you so much.

 Marilyn — thank you for all your shared knowledge, love and support throughout these years.
 “Providing opportunities for awareness to enter,
      Breathing deep, finding the center.
       Facing fear and surrounding it with Light,
    Providing courage to face dark nights.”

           Judy Thomas Hall