About Marilyn and Paths That Cross



Thirty-plus years of Coaching, Counseling, Mentorship, and Teaching those searching for development, growth, and personal evolution through individual counseling, classes, workshops, and seminars, as well utilizing her intuitive abilities as a trance-channel, Marilyn has been instrumental in walking the walk with women from all over the country while on their path toward self-discovery and enlightenment, as they empower and transform themselves, and their lives, from a roller-coaster existence, anxiety, general discontent to a life of fulfillment, accomplishment, prosperity, and happiness.
​It begins with YOU.

Mindful MEDITATION for Self-Discovery, Purpose, Intuitive Devlelopment, Centered Balance, and Spiritual Transformation

Transcendental Meditation is an excellent tool for self-awareness, personal empowerment, and spiritual evolution. Now is the time to start your meditation program and begin to explore your own unique journey of discovery — who you are and the purpose-filled life you were born to do.  It is time.  You are due.                                 
Checkout my meditations on my YouTube channel now! “MarilynBanks, Meditation”

            If you think it and believe it, 
                  You can become it.    
                   Let me help you.   
             Together we will find the way."