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As a holistic life coach and counselor, MARILYN BANKS has thirty-plus years of teaching and mentoring through classes, workshops, and individual counseling for those walking on the unique path of self-discovery and enlightenment. Marilyn has been instrumental in walking the walk with those on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment. Tired of a roller-coaster existence, they transform themselves and life into one of fulfillment, accomplishment, and well-being. ​It begins with YOU.

As a holistic life coach and counselor, stress is the nucleus of the majority of the calls I receive: stressful conditions of life, health, work, and all types of relationships including partnerships, family, finances, work-related issues, and the extremely restless state of affairs of our country, as well as the world.

There is no question that stress paralyzes the mind, the body, and the spirit, and when it is severe and unrelenting, little by little it wears us down if we do not have healthy coping skills. Negative feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, resentment, shame, self-doubt, and even self-loathing, can be triggered under stressful conditions, and over time they have the power to program our physical body to destructively turn on itself, cell by cell until eventually it literally breaks down, even die.  It may take years to get the job done, but once we hit the start button, it is a go and is only a matter of time.

Let me ask: when you find yourself feeling consumed and overwhelmed by stress, what are you doing to give yourself a break from the worrisome internal pressures and feelings of helplessness.? Well, I have a way to clear your mind of fret and worries and feel the relief of inner peace. It can be done. Come join me.

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Path Out of Depression for those blue moments, downer times, and low periods. Learn how to walk out of the doldrums and into the Light. Feel good about you. Feel good about life. Feel the joy.

It is easier than you think. It begins with your attitude and mindset. Are you ready to change your life? Start with initiating a thought …..

During the stressful times of these last few years, FEAR has run rampant around the globe. There has been a pandemic all right, a tangent of fear resurrecting a plethora of various insecurities into vast unknowns — fear — exposing an explosive spiritual crisis, not only individually, but collectively worldwide.  We, as a people, do not like unknowns. We want complete control of the future, and when we cannot, we spin into crisis mode because ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling’ and we will die.  

So we are here to break down fear, and our neediness for it, and expose it for what it is, illusion. Fear is merely a facet of the imagination that triggers insecurities and sends us spiraling down into a spiritual crisis within ourselves. We work to control life. We save for a rainy day. We plan ahead for what we think will be a secure future. However, there is no such thing as security. The ‘security rug’ can be pulled out from us at any time, without warning, and then whatever are we going to do? So we plan for an unknown future so we will be safe — whatever it is that makes us feel safe.  Fear resides in the future. It is not reality. It is not here and now….

Fear is the imagination on steroids, illustrated by illusion. How we react to fear is how we were programmed to be at a young age by those who were fearful. When we are under stress we fall back on what we know, that which is familiar. It is learned behavior. We react to fear as those around us reacted to it. We have a need to live on the edge by scaring ourselves with something that could happen, might be, and possibly will…and all of it deals in the future tense…and not a present reality.

There is a cosmic purpose behind all of it, as everything does. The Universe is calling for mankind to connect with ‘Our Source‘; it does not matter what it is called; it is the source we were all created from. We are here, in the now, on Earth. There is no security on earth. There never has been, nor will there ever be. We were born to die and the time will eventually come when it will happen. If it is not today, then it is in the future. Why worry about a future tomorrow that is not here today? And so in the now we can be thankful for the time we are here, for the people around us we love, until a tomorrow when we return to ‘Our Source‘ and be with those patiently waiting to be with us again. There is nothing to fear except our insecurities that feed us with an illusion of a future that, more than likely, will never manifest, just as the majority of our fears failed to materialize in our past. They seldom do. If they did, it worked out for our highest and best. Why worry? Do what needs to be done today.  Be happy. Life is short.  

Marilyn Banks, Holistic Coach, and Counselor. pathsthatcross1987@gmail.com http://www.MarilynBanksPathsThatCross.com

Who am I? Why am I here? Do I have a purpose?

Familiar? They are good questions, yes?

Born with amnesia we have an innate need to find these answers, and until we do, we live in a state of discontent, boredom, dysfunction, and/or misery. Seldom do we live with joy, happiness, contentment, and inner peace …and when we do, it is fleeting. So we reach for answers to our vital questions by searching for that someone or something, reaching in some way or capacity outside of ourselves, to tell us who we are, what we want, and our value.

And the beat goes on as we muddle through life, taking paths pointed in the opposing direction, or no direction at all, while waiting, waiting, waiting for that Universal wake-up call to bring us out of our coma and turn us toward the one and only one with the answers we yearn. It is the Self.

And the journey begins.

It is called “recovery“, and through our own self-analysis, it is time to cull out the inner trash but keep the gems, find our truths and be true to them. It is called “discovery“.

We learn who we are and who we are not, We learn to live by our own expectations and not those of someone or something else. By turning off the habitual white noise we find peace and contentment within.

We find our joy and happiness, and we discover that inner peace we yearn for. We learn why we are here and our purpose, even if it is simple kindness and a smile. It is the promise.

We are Spirit living in a physical body, not a physical body having a spirit.

We are Spiritual Beings connected to the Universe, to Our Source, and to the Creator. We are At One.

Welcome to Earth, to Life, and the enjoyment of the Human Experience.

Marilyn Banks, Holistic Coach and Counselor MarilynBanksPathsThatCross.com pathsthatcross1987@gmail.com

Live and Learn and that is the role Karma plays in our life, but we have more than just one to achieve our soul’s perfection. Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect, is the Universal mirror held in front of our faces that reveals the status quo of our spiritual growth and evolution. Good or bad, positive or negative, Karma is blind, and gives us our ‘just reward’.

There is no ‘Big Cop in the sky standing over us, judging us as it watches every move, every word, every motivation, we make — or don’t make — but instead, we are the evaluator ourselves, usually when we have exited this lifetime and crossed to the other. Karma is, and means, responsibility, which can make us shudder. However, responsibility is the ability to respond.

Did we pass or fail to fulfill the contract we came into this lifetime to do? We will know. If so, we move on to bigger and better lifetimes, bringing with us “the good” we have earned. If not, well, The Universe is patient and will give us ample opportunity to discover why and how we remain stuck in various states of unhappiness, being unfulfilled and discontented,

It’s as simple as that! Life is good. Enjoy!

The propelling power behind joy, love, and passion is the key to abundance and success, but they are also the natural healers of the body, mind and soul. Hear how these compelling energies work with Universal Laws of Attraction and Giving and Receiving as we focus on the positive energies of ‘the goodness’ — good life, good work, good friends, the abundance of the good, good, good that is all around!

Feel the joy and heal the soul. Live the passion and the rest takes care of itself. It is as simple as that!