Eight Week Meditation Program


Through the techniques of TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, you can begin a unique inner journey toward clearing your mind of the habitual white-noise of negative thoughts and find an inner-peace and serene tranquility that can change your life as you discover a piece of yourself you did not know existed. Discover answers to your questions as to who you are, or the purpose you were created to do, and the reason you are here, or to connect with your personal Spirit Guides, or perhaps them all. Now is the time to begin that which you have waited a lifetime(s) to do. What do you have to lose?


  • Learn how to manage and/or cope with stress and your life
  • Learn to calm yourself, center yourself within and maintain balance.
  • Learn how the dis-ease of your thought and emotional patterns program the physical body of pain, illness, and disease.
  • And more ..….

On the MIND:

  • Learn how to stop the habitual self-talk from the inner-critic.
  • Learn the power of your thoughts and the Law of Attraction.
  • Learn how your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and attitudes create your reality.
  • And more ……


  • Learn to find your inner sanctuary and bask in the quiet, feel the spirit, talk to your Godhead and listen for answers that come from within.
  • Learn techniques for Intuitive Development
  • Learn to see yourself in the Loving Light that you are, and as you have never seen or felt before.
  • And more ……


Offered is a unique eight-week of awakenings and initiations, an introductory chance for self-discovery, personal empowerment, and intuitive development! A weekly event that embarks on a personal journey of self-awareness to new heights and dimensions. Eight consecutive weeks, three hour-long progressive sessions that tap into unique areas such as:

  • Connecting and communicating with the Higher Self, and/or personal guidance of Spirit Guides
  • Techniques for grounding and centering the self, maintaining balance, especially under stressful circumstances.
  • Introduction to chakras, energy-work, and balancing the aura centers.
  • Intuition development.
  • Connecting and communicating with your inner-child.
  • Facing fears and overcoming self-sabotaging, compulsive behavioral patterns.
  • A pastlife regression is included.

Developed through the years by Marilyn, the program has proven itself to be a vital tool for self-discovery and personal development and serves as an excellent pre-requisite for personal in-depth exploration for mind, body, and spirit unity.


Chapter ONE:

I Walk Down the Street. There is a Deep Hole in the Sidewalk. I fall in. I am Lost….I am Helpless It Isn’t My Fault. But it Takes Forever to Get Out.

Chapter TWO:

I Walk Down the Same Street. There is a Deep Hole in the Sidewalk. I Pretend I Don’t See it. I Fall in….Again. I Can’t Believe I am in this Same Place. It Isn’t My Fault. But it Still Takes a Long Time to Get Out.

Chapter THREE:

I Walk Down the Same Street. There is a Deep Hole in the Sidewalk. I See it is There. I Fall in…It’s a Habit…But Now My Eyes Are Open. I Know Where I Am. It Is My Fault. I Get Out Immediately.

Chapter FOUR:

I Walk Down the Same Street. There is a Deep Hole in the Sidewalk. I Walk Around It.

Chapter FIVE:

I Walk Down a Different Street.