ASTROLOGY Interpretation Reports

Personal Horoscope Analysis

There are no accidents. The exact moment of birth is a preplanned event.

Information Needed for Astrological Chart/Wheel Calculations: (1) Date of birth [mo/day/yr] (2) Accurate birth time (3) Location

Note. Re-Birth time: The Wheel is a mathematically calculated map of the cosmic energies as the first breath is inhaled into the physical body, charting the life’s events and experiences from birth until death.

No birth time? A chart will be calculated at 6am (Note: The exact birth time is necessary for accurate interpretation analysis. A significant number of states include the time on the birth certificate. If not, the information can be requested/ordered through the state’s County Clerk’s Public Records department.


A. BASIC NATAL INTERPRETATION REPORT$50, includes: (1)Wheel showing PLANETS in SIGNS, and placement in HOUSE; (2) Reports of Personality (3)Personal Traits (4)Patterns (5)Personal Pinnacles, and Challenges

Need Something Different for Baby? JUMBO Is a One-of-a-Kind Gift Color, Color, Color, Colorful!!

Bundled JUMBO Presentation Report includes: 1. Color Wheel with Planets and Signs in Houses and 2. Interpreted Personality Reports: a. Natal (basic report as above), b.Major Life Themes, c. Spirit, d. Harmonic Themes, Profile Scores, *3. Plus BONUS Numerology Report (numerology needs full name as on birth certificate) As a gift: Presentation comes assembled in Binder, $85, Priority Mail included. or PDF $75 Approx 50 – plus pages.

Other Available Individual Reports:

B. DAILY HOROSCOPE TRANSITS – Aspected to Birth Chart, Transit Periods: 3 mos $50, 6 mos, $65, 9 mos $75, 1 yr, $80 PDF (Large report)

C. One-year PROGRESSIONS Report $50

D. SOLAR RETURN – Get the flavor of the year ahead, from one BIRTHDAY to the NEXT. Makes a wonderful birthday gift to the self or someone else!! Get the flavor of the year ahead — the highs and lows, pinnacles and challenges, possible events. Large file, PDF $50

D. RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY Report. PDF – $50 Interpretative Relationship Comparison between two charts


CONTACT MARILYN TO ORDER YOUR Chosen PERSONAL REPORT. Reports start at $50 or through “CONTACT” pg of website this website.

Astrological Interpretatve Report

Various Interpretative Astrological Reports available. Various Pricing. Starting at $50